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Static Roots Festival 2024 | Louien

Discover the Magic of Louien at Static Roots Festival 2024

We're excited to announce that the brilliant Norwegian singer-songwriter Louien will be performing at the Static Roots Festival on Friday, July 12th, 2024! Continuing our tradition of exploring the mesmerizing world of Nordicana, which began with Courtney Marie Andrews' unforgettable show in our house concert series at Raumfahrtzentrum Saarner Kuppe in 2018, where her Norwegian bass player and talented songwriter Ole Kirkeng introduced us to other musicians from the Nordicana scene. Following this, we had the pleasure of hosting the amazing Nordicana singer Malin Pettersen in 2023. Today, we are thrilled to welcome Louien, another shining gem in this genre.

Louien - A Rising Nordicana Sensation

Since her debut in 2019, Louien, also known as Live Miranda Solberg, has been captivating audiences with her unique blend of melancholic and melodic music. Her recent nomination for a Spellemann award (the Norwegian Grammy) for her album 'Figure Me Out' is a testament to her exceptional talent and the significant impact she has made in the music scene.

A New Album That Resonates

Louien's upcoming album, 'Every Dream I Ever Had,' is a highly anticipated release that showcases her evolution as an artist. With influences ranging from Lizzy McAlpine to Phoebe Bridgers and Big Thief, this album promises a fresh and exciting direction for Louien, blending symphonic pop landscapes with indie sounds.

An Ensemble of Creativity

What makes 'Every Dream I Ever Had' even more special is Louien's decision to involve her band more in the creative process. The result is a record that beautifully showcases the talents of each member, including producer and guitarist Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen, bassist Ole Kirkeng, and drummer Henrik Lødøen. This collaborative effort adds depth and richness to the album.

Experience the Enchanting Music of Louien

Songs like “No,” “Better Women” and “Losing My Mind” exhibit Louien's ability to create compelling music that ranges from tender and vulnerable to noisy and glorious. Her performance at Static Roots Festival is set to be an enchanting experience, where attendees will be treated to her intricate guitar picking, thundering drums, and powerful vocals.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Weekend

Mark your calendars and join us for a weekend of incredible music with Louien at Static Roots Festival 2024. Her performance is not just a concert; it's a journey through the emotional and musical landscape of one of Nordicana's most promising artists.

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