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Roadtracks Magazin – Static Roots Festival 2016

Coincidentally stumbled across some pictures from Static Roots Festival 2016 over at the Roadtracks Magazin: John Blek & the Rats: http://www.roadtracks.net/gigs/20160611-JOHN-BLEK-AND-THE-RATS-Oberhausen.php The Wynntown Marshals: http://www.roadtracks.net/gigs/20160611-THE-WYNNTOWN-MARSHALS-Oberhausen.php Leeroy Stagger: http://www.roadtracks.net/gigs/20160611-LEEROY-STAGGER-Oberhausen.php The Midnight Union Band: http://www.roadtracks.net/gigs/20160611-THE-MIDNIGHT-UNION-BAND-Oberhausen.php Malojian: http://www.roadtracks.net/gigs/20160611-MALOJIAN-Oberhausen.php Meena Cryle & Chris Fillmore: …

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